3 Ways To Prevent Gaming Addiction

The video game industry continues to grow with the ceaseless expansion of technology. For the record, video game revenue has reached 43.8 billion dollars in the year 2018 which was almost 20% higher than its previous year earnings. This growth is expected to double in the succeeding years. Thus, the success of video game industry created a lot development and opportunities in terms of employment, infrastructure and newly established sectors in the economy.  However, just like any success stories, video game has also two sides of coin. Gaming addiction is its negative side. This kind of addiction is described as an impulse control disorder and has also been known as video game overuse. In some cases, a lot of parents are worried to the unhealthy and negative effects of this addiction for their kids. Studies show that excessive attention and focus to video games can damage the overall being of a kid, physically and mentally. If you are a serious player of video games, you can be a victim of gaming addiction. That is why it is necessary that you know the ways on how to avoid this compulsion. Here are some of the helpful ways to avoid your chance of becoming addicted to video gaming.

Set limitations

If you play games for more than 5 hours straight a day, then you must start setting limitations. Prevention is better than cure. Before you really get addicted to video gaming, it is better to prevent it from setting limits. You should aim to set the maximum number of hours you;ll spend in playing video games. This action is very essential way to avoid gaming addiction. In addition, too much gaming will make you less productive. Sometimes, over spending your time in gaming overpasses your other activities. Thus, setting a timeline for all your activities allows you to complete all the  necessary tasks that need to be done and that includes your desire for video games.

Look for other things to do

Sometimes, having idle moment causes gaming addiction as we tend to spend our free time in mobile gaming or pc gaming. And as we started playing, these games have also started to consume our free time and in worst scenario, it has also consumed the time that we set for other essential tasks. The only person who can tell if you’re succeptible to addiction is yourself. Thus, you should learn to evaluate yourself and the trends of your activities when it comes to playing video games. So, the best thing to do is to look for other things to do, productive ones to be specific. There are outdoor activities that can be a good substitute for video games with good benefits to your health. You can play basketball, soccer, or just simply have a walk outside. Additionally, if you’re not fond of hese outdoor activities, there are indoor sports and activities you can try; reading books, word puzzles, scrable game, and so many more.


Discipline applies as the best solution for any kinds of addiction. This is the best way to prevent and combat addiction. There are many ways you can apply this value. You can design a set of rules that you need to follow. These rules should correspond to the aim of not being too much engaged in video gaming. Consequently, you should set penalties for any disobedience to the set rules and regulations. And it must include penalty for lying to yourself. With this, you’ll be able to limit yourself in engaging and spending too much of your time in video gaming. Discipline should always start from within.

In this light, despite the positive impacts that video gaming brings into our society, economy and industry, it is unavoidable there are still negative sides associated to its success. Addiction being one of these bad divisions, it should always be given consideration and should take into account. Video game addiction is detrimental to ones health. Hence, if not prevented , will surely cause huge damage to an individual. Yet, the soultions still lie within ouselves. It should always start from our own perspective and initiative to combat addiction. At the end of the day, everything is good, but with moderation.