Better Pokemon Go In 2019

Millennials of today’s generation needed to go outside more. These phrases are often the words we hear from other people. With the rise of technology and new gadgets and devices, some people believe that it has changed the way the youth behave. Yet, we, the millennials still manage to do well in every aspect of our lives. If going outside is the main concern of older generation, then we can probably take the deal and have fun at the same time. This is when pokemon go comes into the picture. First launched in July 2016, this phenomenal game got the whole gaming world rolling. It has changed the traditional gaming setup where players will just seat comfortably and play. Based from the famous anime show pokemon, players need to go outside for them to find and catch pokemon characters. This game has been higly appreciated by players and it gained a lot of positive reviews and feedback. But the success of pokemon go doesn’t end there. As the year 2019 comes into the picture, pokemon go is expected to be way better and more exciting. Do you want to know why? This article will explain why Pokemon Go is better than ever in 2019.

Since Pokemon Go was released in the market in 2016, it has been played and liked by tremendous players from different parts of the globe. Buy after quite some other time, it has been low key as a lot of new and different games have been introduced in the market. But Niantic, the creator of this game did not lose hope and did not stop in developing and enhancing pokemon go believing it will stay in the market for a long period of time. Hence, Niantic added a new feature to the game allowing players to make friends in the app. As a result, the number of players grew to almost 150 million, with earning to more than 100 million dollars for the first month of 2017.

Furthermore, the game has also additional features that will definitely encourage more players. Aside from the interesting part of catching pokemons outside, players can also pick up pokemon let’s go Pikachu with poke ball plus. This has caught the attention of both the existing and new players. There have also been some improvements with the game that certainly every player would ask for. Players have now a platform to battle other players and trainers on 1 on 1 basis.  The team captain will assess your pokemon so you’ll be able to now know which one is the best fit for a particular battle. There are also some raids where you can get more pokemons that are fancier than what you have expected. Also, you can sometimes get egg incubators from poke stops for you to grow and you can also trade your pokemons to other players.

The power of the newest version of pokemon go doesn’t stop there. One of the best things about this app that makes it stand out from other games is the big community it has. This perhaps, is also the main reason why this game has been kicking for quite long years. And this community has been strengthen and has been expanded over the years with the continuous development and enhancement of the pokemon go. The good thing is, this game doesn’t also cover a particular segment of the society. Pokemon go players come from different ages, social status, genders, backgrounds, and other diversed factors. If we are going to look at it on a bigger picture, we can definitely conclude that this game has brought diversity, inclusiveness and unity amongst individuals. Other players will give you advice about the characteristics and qualities of your pokemons and also which one of them is the best fit for a particular battle.

There have been testimonies where players were able to meet new friends along the way just because they’re playing pokemon go. This is another story. The world has changed drastically indeed, allowing people to make friends through gaming paradigm and pokemon go made this possible.

Moreover, pokemon go has entered the trending challenges of todays generation. It very simple yet interesting and fun. Players will just take a picture with their pokemon that correspond with the challenge. It could be buddy challenge, habitat challenge, Go create challenge and so many more. You just have to choose the best pokemon that corresponds to the theme of the challenge. Thus, this kind of trends allows pokemon go to go beyond its traditional purpose of gaming, it has also come into a social responsibility and it promotes wellness to the society.

Lastly, Pokemon go might exist for a long period of time. Not only because it’s based from the popular TV show but it has also a lot of great things to offer. Niantic believes that this game will be more developed over time. New features will be added and more functions and better quality, graphics and mechanics will be added to enhance the overall gaming experience it will give to players. Niantic is always open to looking new and better ideas, thus, it will continue to make pokemon go to be the best an ultimate version of itself. Looking at more row of years, certainly, pokemon go will take the lead of video games across the globe.

In this light, it is fair to say that pokemon go has come a long way in its continuous progress and development. Thus, from practically non-existent game to a world wide phenomena, Pokemon Go is on its way to the future. With a lot of benefits it provides to players, it is here to stay in the market for so long. It may have lie low for quite some time, but surely, like a phoenix, it will rise again from the ashes now with better designs, features, qualities and advantages. Pokemon go is a revolutionary game and it will continue to change for a better version.