Mobile Gaming – The Future Of Leisure Time

Nowadays, mobile gaming dominates the industry of entertainment. Millions of people across the globe, regardless of age, gender, demographical location and profession, are enticed and thrilled by this form of entertainment. Probably, one of the reasons it becomes so world-wide popular is because of the benefits we can get from playing mobile games. Since our smartphones are always with us anytime and anywhere, it gives us ease of access to these amazing mobile games. Thus, entertaining ourselves has now become easier, faster and accessible. Many considered mobile gaming as the future of leisure time. This assumption is not so far from reality. With the continuous growth and development of our technology – smartphones in particular, certainly mobile gaming will be the main platform and area of leisure. Here are some of the reasons to support that statement.

Mobile gaming is accessible

As mentioned in the introduction, one of the driving factors mobile gaming has become so dominant and prominent is its ease of accessibility. Over the years, the power of smartphones has evolved drastically allowing us almost everything that we need. One of those is the need for leisure time. Whether you are in a public transportation, taking a break from work, in a town park, or in your favorite spot in your go to coffee shop, you can play any mobile games that you prefer on your smartphones. Going through app store or google store, you can see numerous mobile games available. Surely, the ease of access to these mobile games is the driving point and one of the reasons why this form of leisure has come a long way.

Mobile games are free

Unlike other kinds of entertainment, mobile games are free and always available on your smartphones. Watching movies at cinema or theater, playing outdoor games, or going to amusement park will definitely cost you some money. But mobile gaming offers you free medium of entertainment and leisure. There are a lot of available and free mobile games on app store and google store. You can also choose the types of games you want to play in accordance to you interest and preferences.

You can earn money from playing mobile games

Who would have thought that you can relax, have fun, and enjoy while earning money at the same time. Yes, you heard that right! You can also earn some extra money by just simply playing some of the mobile games that pay players. There are a lot of mobile gaming companies and developers that pay players to play and test their designed games. As you look at a bigger perspective, it is indeed that mobile gaming has turned into something that is more than just a medium of entertainment, it becomes more diversified and advanced.

Mobile gaming industry is booming

Any argument contradicting mobile game as the future of leisure time will be a weak one. Why? Simply because statistics and data have proven already that mobile gaming industry has grown and it continuously developing towards greater heights. According to studies, mobile gaming industry’s revenue is about to rise to 100 billion dollars in the year 2021. This means that investors believe that this sector of mobile gaming is worth investing for. Thus, it will create better statistics, new employment opportunities, more companies to emerge, more infrastructure which will lead way to a better and growing economy.

Mobile gaming sharpens a person’s mind

There have been arguments and issues that mobile gaming decreases the social interaction of an individual. But this has been refuted by some studies. Experts conclude that playing games sharpens players’ minds, critical thinking and logical reasoning. In addition, since mobile gaming has a feature where players can interact with each other, the stigma about mobile gaming has been denied and refuted. Mobile gamers tend to be more educated, smart and socially active individuals.


In general, it is undeniable that mobile gaming is on its way to continuous advancement and development. This has penetrated the area of entertainment in our modern generation. As we continue to walk going to the future where possible changes are waiting, certainly, mobile gaming is the future of leisure time and entertainment.