PC Gaming VS Console Gaming

Gaming has expanded its horizon beyond its traditional setting. Way back in the years when gaming is not as tremendous and phenomenal as it is nowadays, video gaming can only be played in a single platform. But as years passed by, gaming has been available in different medium; computers, mobile smartphones, console and so many more. But with these kinds of gaming, there are two gaming platforms that are unavoidably comparable to each other. These are PC gaming and console gaming. Unlike mobile gaming, these two ways of gaming are not easily accessible and are not within our reach any time and anywhere. But the question is, what is way better, PC gaming or console gaming? Well, advantage wise, PC gaming is better than the latter. Why? This article will go through some of the reasons that will help you understand why PC gaming is way better than console gaming.

Better Graphics

When it comes to graphics of gaming, definitely PC gaming can offer you a more quality one. PC games provide players detailed and specific controls over the lighting, textures and shades of the over all game design. In addition, computers are becoming more advanced and are continuously developing for better features. Thus, the newest and latest version you have, the better the quality and the gaming experience.

More sources of games

On console gaming, games can be bought in its physical forms and copies, and the only online stores you can buy your digital copy are limited such as eshop, Playstation Store, Nintendo etc. On the other hand, PC gaming offers wide variety of resources of your games. You can get these games from the Internet, you just have to stream for your desired game and it can easily be found and downloaded.

PCs provide you flexibility

If you are torn between buying a PC or console, you should definitely choose PC. The main factor you need to consider is the flexibility of PC that console doesn’t have. Remember that PCs are not just designed for gaming, they are also designed for other activities whether for your work or school related tasks. You can do video editing, you can make files through Microsoft office, you can browse over the Internet and so much more. Thus, PC is a better device that offers flexibility and more functions than anything else.

More controller options

In console gaming, you are limited in using the controller, but on PC gaming, you have so many options for your controller. For instance, keyboard and mouse are mainly superior for first-person shooters and real-time strategy games, but for other control devices needed for differently designed games that require other controller, PC offers wide variety of this kind of function. In addition, a lot of gaming accessories are very much compatible with any PC device.

Free Games

Just with the help of the Internet, PC provides you the opportunity to play online. There are thousands and millions of video games over the Internet. And your PC brings all of them to your plate. But with console, Internet couldn’t be associated. The only way for you to play on console is to buy games either from physical store or online store where you need to pay them first before having copies of yourn desired game. Thus, PC gaming is more accessible than console gaming.


Certainly, console games and devices can last for 10 years. But for it to upgrade, you’ll definitely need to wait for a longer period of time. But with PC gaming, and with its compatibility to other devices, you can upgrade your system and the version of the games that you like. That said, it is certain that you’ll experience to play some of the newest and latest upgrades and version of games.

PC gaming might have been way better than console gaming in some factors. But this is not the end of continuous debates and arguments. With the continuous rising of technology, where new and high tech devices are being developed, it might be undeniable that PC gaming will be lost in the future. Switch for instance, is one of the newest platforms of gaming nowadays, thus this might be the future reference of gaming.