The Current Standing Of Mobile Gaming Industry

From practically non-existent market to one of the most developed and continuously growing sectors in the global economy, mobile gaming industry is a dazzling cornucopia with a lot of great things to contribute in the global business industries. Mobile gaming was seen by the world as an industry where drastic changes have occurred. It has transformed into a giant sector providing huge impacts into the society, economy and the people involved. Currently, the state of this industry was enormous in terms of the products, the benefits to the players, the opportunities it created and the over all effects it imposed in the world. It is also considered as a revolutionary platform of entertainment providing ease and comfort to the players. Additionally, in association of the rise and continuous progress and advancement of smartphones, technology also allows the mobile gaming industry to fully emerge itself into a tremendous paradigm. To say that the mobile gaming industry is a successful market is an understatement. Because of the unstoppable evolution of science application, certainly, this industry will stay and will continue to pursue its endeavors towards greater heights. This article will provide you the current state of the mobile gaming industry.

Unstoppable revenue

According to statistic, mobile games have risen to almost 600 million US dollars in terms or revenue and almost 200 million downloads for the year 2018. From the previous years, only simulation and puzzle games were the only sections of mobile games that are reported to increase, while other game categories failed to gain paramount revenue market share. However, as years go by and with the big help of continuous game developers and creators, downloads and revenues of mobile games have climbed into higher figures. Market saturation is one of the key contributors for this success. Players of mobile games have double up in  numbers from previous years up to this very moment. In the following years, this revenue and number of downloads are expected to rise more than the double increase from the previous years.

More mobile games will be developed

Mobile games have been successful. Experts believed that in 2019, more mobile games will be created with better qualities, interface, graphics, mechanics and functions. This will result for more number of downloads and revenues. This increase is more likely to be enhanced through the demand for more brands to venture into the industry. Developers are expected to create better and relevant games that will surely saturate the market.

Empowered Streaming Services

Through continuous development of technology in the mobile gaming industry, it is expected that streaming services will be given more consideration. This allows relevant designs  in the mobile games in the future. This will also serve as a turning point for games to transform into the current format into a more relevant and trending games. Surely, players will be more active and more demand will be recorded. In addition, with the help of social media and its continuous development, mobile games will be easily advertised to the public.

E-sport Development

Mobile gaming has gone up to a higher level. There are now tournaments and competition for this kind of games. Certainly, mobile gaming has evolved into a bigger scope. Some of the popular games are clash royale, mobile legends, vainglory, honor of kinds and so many more. In addition, we also have competitive gaming also known as e-sports and it is becoming a world-wide new form of competition. This huge tournaments are watched by millions of fanatic players. This form of competition has also been a hot topic in debates and arguments whether or not it should  be considered as an official sport.

With the above findings about the current state of mobile gaming industry, it is fair to say that this industry is one of the successful yet continuously progressing industry in the economy. From the enormous revenues it generates every year, it is expected to stay in the market and will create better opportunities such as employement, infrastructure, new businesses, technological advancement, and it will help the economy not just to be stable but also to achieve growth and wellness. Thus, we must also consider other factors that might affect the success of this industry.