Things You Need To Know If You’re A Fanatic Mobile Gamer

Mobile gaming has come to the point of continuous growth and development. This form of entertainment offers variety of benefits and comfort to players. Unlike gaming in a personal computer or laptop, mobile gaming brings ease of access as mobile phones are always with us wherever we go. Through technological advancement, mobile gaming has also emerged into a more interactive platform where players can interact with each other. Indeed, mobile gaming has been penetrating the market across the globe over the years. So, if you are one of the millions fanatic of playing mobile games, you should know these things about the popular mobile gaming.

You can earn from playing mobile games

Mobile gaming is not just a form of entertainment. It can also be a platform where you can earn extra money. Yes, you read that right. Playing mobile games is now more fun because some companies pay players for just playing and testing the games they designed. There are a lot of online games available in your smartphone that when played, you’ll get paid well. Some of these apps that pay you to play games are indoxdollars, Swag IQ, Bananatic, Swagbucks, EarningStation etc. Surely, mobile this amazing opportunity is one of the reasons why mobile gaming industry is so successful.

Mobile Gamers Are Socially Active

Over the years, there have been arguments and issues that mobile games reduce a person’s interaction with his or her surrounding. But according to some studies, mobile gamers are more socially active and positive individuals. With the power of mobile gaming allowing players to communicate with each other, this entertainment has surely impact the well being of players to be more interactive and appreciative of their environment. In addition, experts believe that mobile gamers are more educated, technology savy, smart and ongoing rather than those who are non-gamers.

Mobile gaming industry is a billion dollar business

With its continuous growth and advancement, mobile gaming industry has grown its review to over 11.9 billion dollars in the first quarter of the year 2017, which was more than half percent of the increase from last year’s revenue. This also means that new businesses in the industry are being built and more investors are encouraged to put their money in the mobile gaming sector. Furthermore, it will also generate more employment opportunities, more income, infrastructure, which will result to a good economic standing.

Mobile gaming improves mental health

Cases of depression, anxiety, stress and burnouts have increased in the past decades. But as the mobile gaming industry rises, there have been studies and research that playing mobile games reduces a person’s stress and it improves mental condition. This is because mobile games keep our minds sharp and productive. Mobile games also allow our minds to focus on a setting or realm outside our daily interaction with our environment. Thus, after all, mobile gaming is one of the best media of entertainment.

It’s free!

One of the best things about mobile gaming is that almost everything is free. As you go through your playstore apps or google store apps, you’ll see tremendous number of free mobile games. This means that playing mobile games and having fun won’t cost you any single cent. This provides better opportunities for players to try as many games as they want. But how is it possible? Well, in simple terms, mobile games developers and businesses do not pay for advertisement. The truth is, ads are the source of their income. That is why you’ll experience as pop up ads while you’re playing. This might be annoying sometimes but you have to realize that the reason why you’re not spending any amount of money in enjoying playing games is because ads are paying the talented creators of mobile games.

It is undeniable that mobile gaming has been successful and it is still running towards greater heights in the future. As years go on, surely the industry of mobile gaming will be on top of other businesses. Not only it covers all the areas of the consumers; gender, age, social status, geographical location, but it also turns to be a diversified platform of benefits and advantages.